Friday, March 19, 2010

Results City!!

Here is a blog post from a Train Insane Boot Camp member Talking about her experience thus far

A few of my awesome Delta Gamma's are really into boot camp- and i'm telling you, they are in Results City too... so I asked the fabulous Brittney S. to share- you may be getting yourself a dog tag soon!

Thanks Britt!

"So, I've never been a crash dieter. Or a yo-yo weight gain/loss kind of girl. Or motivated or disciplined for that matter either! It's been a steady, slow increase of poundage and laziness since I graduated high school! And I kept telling myself-- If I reallllyyyy cared THAT much, I'd do something about it. Instead, I came home, plopped on the couch and watched yet ANOTHER rerun of Law and Order SVU (obviously!) :)

Then my suuuper annoying (but hott) roommates started waking me up at 5:30am because they were on their way to bootcamp. GROSS. I can honestly say that sleeping is my favorite past time. And when I don't get enough-- I go insane. Until I started to feel left out. BOTH of them were going, three times a week.. and loving it!? What the!?

So I gave it a try-- and dry heaved my way through my first 1 hour workout at 6am. It was a hard adjustment, trying to get ready for work in less than 10 minutes, all sweaty, beet red with my heart pumping out of my face-- but let me tell you, I have never beat-bopped my way to work listening to fun country music so excited in my LIFE! I felt awesome.

Aaron and Geoff are the founders of Train Insane Bootcamp and probably the only guys I know that can get me out of bed at 5:30am to be miserable working out! :) I leave pumped every day and the best part? Being done with your workout before most peoples' days even start. And I used to tell myself that my days were already too long (Work 7:30-4:30, Driving to LA until 6 and Grad school from 6-10pm)... It was brutal! But working out has given me an AWKWARD amount of energy and I'll never go back to my laziness. And the BEST part? I still get to watch Law and Order with the girls and veg out when I get home-- instead of feeling guilty for not working out!

While my mom is still skinnier than me (bitch!), at least I know that this River Season, I'll look the best I ever have! Come try it with us!!

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