Monday, September 28, 2009

Train Insane Fit Tips.

1. Drink plenty of water- At least half your body weight in ounces. This amount can also fluctuate depending on the amount of exercise you are doing and also hot it is. The best solution for pollution is dilution!

2. Eat high quality foods- Stay away from highly processed foods. Get plenty of fruits and veggies each day

3. Compound exercises-If exercises are not compound movements we might be wasting our time. Compound exercises include such exercises as squat to press, deadlift, lunge with rotation and tiger crawls. These a few of the favorites at Train Insane Boot Camp.

4. Stress reduction- We all have stress its normal to our daily lives however we must learn to cope and deal with stress for it can lead to excessive weight gain. Specific exercise routines can lead to a reduction in stress. Moreover proper eating habits will also help reduce overall stress levels in the body

5. HIIT training- or better known as high intensity interval training- High intensity interval training is highly effective for melting away fat and flat out delivering results. The benefit of doing this type of cardio is that it will help boost your metabolism, doing 45 to 60 minuets of cardio is a thing of the past.

Written by, Aaron Anderson BS, NASM CPT, NASM CES

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